What is the difference between an online or in-person Laughter Yoga session?


This is a question that we are often asked so the purpose of this article is to give insight to help your decision-making process.


Renowned for their unique blend of laughter exercises and yogic breathing techniques, Laughter Yoga workshops have gained immense popularity in promoting overall well-being. The choice between participating in these workshops online or in-person can significantly influence the experience and benefits derived from wellbeing Laughter Yoga exercises.


Here is a comparison of online Laughter Yoga workshops vs in-person Laughter Yoga workshops.


In-person Laughter Yoga workshops thrive on the energy generated by physical presence. In a room filled with participants, the contagious nature of laughter becomes more pronounced, leading to spontaneous, genuine laughter that reverberates among attendees. The immediate, in-person interactions allow for a deeper sense of camaraderie, fostering a supportive environment where individuals feel more comfortable letting loose and laughing wholeheartedly.


Online Laughter Yoga workshops offer a different yet equally impactful experience. Through digital platforms such as Zoom and Meets, participants can join sessions from the comfort of their homes, eliminating geographical barriers and providing convenience. The accessibility of online workshops encourages broader participation from individuals worldwide, therefore it is perfect for global organisations.


When is an online, or virtual, Laughter Yoga session more suitable?


If you are looking for morale-boosting, and stress relief, or to see what Laughter Yoga workshop entails, then a 30-minute Laughter Yoga taster online session will be perfect!


Additionally, for lunch and learn activities, a Laughter Yoga online workshop would be a good solution within a tight schedule.


With a virtual experience, if employees are sceptical – and concerned about stepping out of their comfort zone – they can enjoy the anonymity of participating in an online session for their first experience of Laughter Yoga.


Therefore, the online wellbeing session is more suitable for beginners and sceptics. It is a perfect introduction to Laughter Yoga for those who may want to watch before taking part later in the session, or not show their image on video.


Additionally, bringing large teams together globally is a distinct advantage to your business which is easily created with an online Laughter Yoga session.


While the physical presence might be absent, online workshops leverage technology to create a space where laughter and positivity transcend distance. Video conferencing tools facilitate real-time interactions, enabling participants to see and connect, albeit virtually. The adaptable nature of online sessions allows for flexible scheduling, catering to varied time zones and accommodating employees’ schedules.


The advantage of in-person Laughter Yoga sessions


A face-to-face wellbeing Laughter session ignites team building and connection. It is an immersive experience. Sharing laughter in a physical space enables participants to feed off each other’s positive energy, amplifying the overall experience of the session, releasing more stress and boosting happiness levels. A feeling of togetherness is seldom achieved in other wellbeing practices.


Provided a safe, undisturbed venue is offered, participants will let go of inhibitions more easily and feel a sense of lightness from the stress relief, and motivation from the dopamine boost.


In summary, both formats face-to-face and online Laughter Yoga sessions offer distinct advantages.


Face-to-face workshops thrive on immediate interactions and share physical energy, fostering deeper connections among participants. On the other hand, online workshops prioritise accessibility and convenience, providing a global platform for employees to engage and benefit from their corporate wellbeing workshop.


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