Online vs In-Person Laughter Yoga Sessions: Which is Better?


Are you considering trying Laughter Yoga but unsure whether to join an online or in-person session?

This guide will help you choose based on your preferences and needs.


What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is a unique well-being practice that combines laughter exercises with yogic breathing techniques.

It has been proven to boost mood, reduce stress, increase energy and motivation, improve the immune system, and provide resilience to cope with challenges.


Benefits to your workplace

The good news is that more positive energy and greater motivation means increased productivity.

A super-charged morale boost creates a happier workplace culture and reduces absenteeism and resignations.

With emotional intelligence, your employees will be more aware of their and colleagues, emotions and have empathy understanding, patience and resilience.


Online Laughter Yoga Sessions

Online Laughter Yoga sessions offer several advantages:


Convenience: Participate from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need to travel.

Accessibility: Join online Laughter Yoga sessions from anywhere worldwide, making it perfect for global organisations.

Flexibility: Online sessions can accommodate different time zones and schedules more easily.

Introduction for Beginners: This class is ideal for those new to Laughter Yoga, as it allows for anonymity and a more comfortable entry point.


In online sessions, video conferencing tools facilitate real-time interactions, enabling participants to see and connect virtually.

The sessions are designed to create a safe and positive environment through innovative exercises tailored to the online format. They boost morale and reduce stress, creating a more positive workplace culture.


In-Person Laughter Yoga Sessions

In-person Laughter Yoga sessions thrive on the energy generated by physical presence:


Immersive Experience: Sharing laughter in the same physical space amplifies the overall experience and positive energy.

Deeper Connections: Participants can feed off each other’s energy, fostering a supportive environment and deeper camaraderie.

Stress Relief: Face-to-face sessions may provide greater stress relief, relaxation, and improved sleep and energy levels.

Team Building: In-person sessions promote team building and a sense of togetherness.


Participants are more likely to let go of inhibitions and fully immerse themselves in the experience when provided with a safe and undisturbed venue. This leads to a greater dopamine boost and overall well-being benefits.


Which Option Is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a convenient and accessible way to experience Laughter Yoga for the first time, or if your organisation has a tight schedule, an online session could be the perfect solution. Online sessions are also ideal for global organisations looking to engage employees worldwide, providing the perfect corporate wellness programme.


However, a face-to-face Laughter Yoga workshop may be better if you value the immersive experience, deeper connections, and team-building opportunities.


Ultimately, online and in-person Laughter Yoga sessions offer unique advantages. When introduced into a corporate wellness programme, they can significantly contribute to one’s well-being and create a positive workplace culture.


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