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Community Laughter Yoga Sessions


Online Zoom Laughter Yoga

Need to feel happy and connected with positive people?

Laughter is the best medicine!

There is no requirement to feel happy to come to a Laughter Yoga session. You will be warmly welcomed with empathy, understanding, and a smile. Your stress will simply melt and your positive outlook on life be re-ignited.


Laughter Yoga sessions online via Zoom – shorter 30-minute sessions to provide you with a positivity boost and stress release. Your willingness and a drink of water are all that’s needed.

We offer monthly classes with ad-hoc special events throughout the year – including World Laughter Day (5th May 2024), International Day of Happiness (20th March), and Global Belly Laugh Day (24th January). 

Online Laughter Yoga

Monthly – Saturday/Sunday mornings (9.00am/10.00am UK BST)

Monthly (duration 30 mins) – hosted by Sara Kay or Leaders trained by Serious Laughter

Next session: 10am Sunday 7th July 2024

Online Bollywood Laughter Dance:

Combining Laughter and dancing this is an easy fun dance routine which is fully accessible from seated or standing.

Takes place monthly – starts again in September – Book through Eventbrite here (30 minutes) hosted by Sara Kay

Read more about Bollywood Laughter Dance or watch the promotional video here


Laughter Yoga in Manchester

Venue – InHale Yoga studio near Altrincham, Cheshire

Laughter Yoga Club

and Mini Retreats – Laughter Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath in Manchester

Collaborating with the legendary Dr Nicholas Peters, musician and composer.

We bring you the bi-monthly, 2-hour nourishing Laughter Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath session at InHale Yoga Studios, Hale, Altrincham.

What will I be doing?

First, you get bathed in Laughter – invigorating and freeing Laughter Yoga exercises (simulated to genuine laughter).

Lie down to release stress fully with a laughter meditation.

Followed by nourishing Yoga Nidra deep relaxation serenaded by Nicholas Peters, followed by a beautiful, sublime sound bath.

Next dates: Sunday 29th September 2024 at InHale, Hale, WA15 9NZ
7.30pm-9.30pm Laughter Yoga and Sound Bath Relaxation Therapy – To book click here or email 



Free PDF
Kickstart a new routine – Start Your Day the Laughter Way

5 accessible Laughter Yoga exercises

Laughter Yoga in the morning is a great positive energiser. You’ll soon get into a routine and benefit from having the best day with increased motivation and confidence.

Deliver your own sessions – Train to be a Laughter Yoga Leader

Want to learn more about Laughter Yoga and deliver your own workshops / run a laughter club in your workplace, school or community, to make a real difference to people’s lives and create a positive world to live in.

For more details pop to the Certified Leader Training Course page here.

31 day Feel Good Laughter Video Course

Sara Kay, Serious Laughter’s founder, has meticulously and enthusiastically created this special Feel Good Laughter Video Course to help you easily access Laughter Yoga exercises in the safety of your environment.

You will feel more positive, and enjoy improved motivation, energy, confidence, and less brain fog. A real spring in your step every day to cope with all the challenges life throws.

Feel Good Laughter Video Course
Start this course ANYTIME – Book now to receive a different Laughter Yoga exercise is delivered to your email inbox each morning for 31 days.

Fun puppets play sessions for the young and young at heart – an upbeat experience from the Positive Puppets

There’s a special magical connection between people and puppets – humans instantly come alive with creativity, imagination, and confidence when puppets are used for interactive entertainment.

Your day will never be dull with a puppet experience in your life.

Services include:

Fun with Puppets sessions (for adults)
Email us 

Read the article on the Positive Puppets here.