Team-Building Activity Workshops


With so much hybrid working, teams can feel really disconnected.

If you want to bond as a strong, motivated and buzzing team, the techniques used in our Team-Building Activity Workshops – including laughter, games, and play – will enhance your team’s cohesion and communication.

All employees benefit from increased emotional intelligence, and understanding of colleagues and clients. Laughter Yoga provides a way of tapping into this skill, giving a distinct advantage to your caring company. Read our article on Fostering Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace.

Employees will love to stay in their roles because of their peers’ and managers’ ability to understand and empathise, communicate effectively, and overcome challenges, along with conflicts discussed. 

In addition, Laughter workshops give your team an excellent opportunity to build stronger relationships with clients, connecting in a unique and joyful way – entertaining clients has never been so easy!

Creative thinking amongst teams is a huge advantage to your forward-thinking company.

Here’s how Laughter Yoga helps creative thinking:

Laughter boosts brain power, creating new neural pathways, to think of innovative ideas and creative ways – having a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Need to maintain motivation with your employees and keep your team working effectively? Keep the buzz consistent, regular monthly or quarterly Team-Building Activities Workshops are a distinct advantage to your caring company, with fewer resignations, absences and presenteeism.

Examples of packages for in-person/online Team-Building workshops for 40 employees (subject to travel expenses if outside Manchester, and the number of participants):

– 30-minute Team Bonding Laughter Yoga session – from £227

– 45-minute/1 hour – Playful Team-Building Workshop with Laughter Yoga (optional puppets or Bollywood Laughter Dance) – from £297


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