Corporate Laughter Yoga Wellbeing Workshops
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Every year, it is challenging for your team to stay connected and positive in the business world.

You’ve been helping your employees through turmoil in both work and life through the pandemic, and emerging from this, there’s now social disconnection with hybrid teams.

Lack of motivation and energy has created more resignations.

The highly competitive marketplace takes a battering on physical health and mental and emotional stress levels.

Laughter Yoga workshops are the perfect addition to your corporate well-being days. We also offer retainers to enable your team and organisation to thrive long-term.

Serious Laughter team-building  activities, anti-burnout sessions, and happiness boosts create the positive work culture your employees deserve.

Laughter Yoga sessions may be the solution if you’re experiencing several, if not all, of these right now and want to resolve them quickly:


Your team’s stress and anxiety levels are high – being a caring company you’ll want to dissolve these easily and quickly.


Productivity is slow – there’s some quiet quitters who are great employees they simply need a happy work environment.

If your team’s drive and motivation are lacking, our uplifting and team bonding Laughter sessions boost productivity incredibly well, on average by more than 20%.

Innovative ideas

You feel your team lacks drive, purpose and creativity. Your company will benefit by boosting brain power to think outside of the box and be really creative with exciting new ideas flowing.


Struggling with high levels of sickness absences – which can be caused by stress or low immunity? You’ll be pleased to hear that Laughter Yoga not only lowers stress significantly but also helps to boost the immune system.


Is the great resignation affecting your business? Head to our article to discover how to stop that happening

Socially distant teams

Need to get your employees or teams motivated and bonded effectively? Laughter sessions provide social glue to build happy teams.

A unique staff perk

Laughter Yoga for wellbeing gives you an advantage over your competitors. this is a unique staff perk which has major health and wellbeing advantages to you over shop discount cards.

If you’ve tried other activities and are looking for an activity that is DIFFERENT – a new uplifting positive wellbeing workshop experience which will nurture and gently push you out of your comfort zone for personal growth –  then you have come to the right place.

Our Laughter Yoga and Play sessions provide a positive team building workshop with seriously good benefits that work every time. And quickly!

These are just some of the benefits of Laughter Yoga, or Laughing Yoga as it is sometimes known as. No lycra or mats are required in this type of Yoga.  Read more about the element of Yoga in Laughter Yoga here.

This is stress management in a playful way which, yes, will push employees out of their comfort zones and into their personal and professional growth zones.

Are participants nervous about trying Laughter Yoga?

95% of participants are interested or excited about trying Laughter Yoga for the first time.

Sceptics are our speciality! We have proven techniques which work effectively. The first time is always a little awkward for participants and we nurture participants with special Laughter exercises.

Luckily there is definitely no requirement to be happy to participate in our Laughter Yoga workshops.

What happens in a Laughter Yoga session?

After a short introduction to encourage willingness, warmups and 10-15 Laughter Yoga exercises with a Laughter meditation and grounding relaxation. Read more about what happens in a Laughter Yoga session here.

The benefits are scientifically proven: Laughter exercises reduce stress AND improve your efficiency to work quicker and more creatively with happier employees.

Regular monthly wellbeing Laughter Yoga workshops (because the benefits compound) help you, your work colleagues, and your company flourish.  We offer competitive packages for a long-term investment.

Monthly wellbeing Laughter Yoga workshop packages are available as a unique and positive staff perk.

Awareness Days

You may enjoy the opportunity of incorporating a Laughter workshop into a themed Awareness Day – see the images for examples coming up soon.

These significant days are very popular with our clients so early booking is advisable.

Read the article here on how to use Awareness Days in your caring company

Examples of packages for in person or online sessions (subject to travel expenses if outside Manchester):

– 30-minute Employee Morale Boost / Stress Busting / Team Bonding / Confidence Building – Laughter Yoga session
– 1-hour Full Laughter Yoga workshop with Relaxation to help reduce employee burnout 

How much do Laughter Yoga workshops cost?

Based on 20 participants, some of the most popular options are as follows:

Happiness Boost – Energise and Motivate (30/45 mins) from £227/£257

Stress-buster Laughter Yoga workshop (30/45/60 mins) from £227/£257/£297

Team-Building workshop – (30/45/60 mins) from £227/£257/£297

Creative Play and Laughter workshop (45/60 mins) from £297/£347

Confidence-Building Boost workshop (30 mins) from £227

Bollywood Laughter Dance (30/45 mins) from £227

Advanced Laughter Yoga sessions for previous clients (30/45/60 mins) £220-£250

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FULL DAY – Corporate Wellbeing Days

We also offer bespoke wellbeing workshops with our Serious Wellbeing Team including menopause awareness, stress reduction, seated massage, nutrition, digital wellbeing, and reducing phone use, which are perfect to be included in your Corporate Wellbeing Strategy.  Meet the Team here.

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