Awareness days give prompts to help the wellbeing of your team.  A reminder to bring to light the impact of taking care of the vital components in your business – the people who run it.

Practical tips for implementing Wellbeing Awareness Days:

1. Plan in advance: Create a calendar of wellbeing awareness days, ensuring a good mix of physical, mental, and emotional health themes throughout the year.

Making a plan means that you’re able to book the best wellbeing professionals to deliver your sessions.  Invest in the best to help your employees learn the skills.

2. Involve employees: Ask for input and suggestions from employees regarding topics they would like to find out more about, or activities they would like to try.

Asking what employees find interesting, what they need, have heard about, or would like to learn more makes them feel cared for and involved.

3. Collaborate with experts: Partner with professionals in the field of wellbeing to organize informative sessions, workshops, or webinars.

Some investigation or recommendations from your networking colleagues is incredibly helpful (recommendations are often how we receive bookings).

4. Provide resources: Create resource packs, handouts, or online portals where employees can access further information, self-help tools, and support networks.

Resources such as Happiful, and joining newsletters such as the Serious Laughter wellbeing weekly/monthly news incorporating useful happiness tips, including the Action for Happiness monthly calendar, will enable you to create wellbeing packs and give handouts to your employees.

5. Encourage participation: Make participation voluntary but create incentives or rewards to boost engagement.

Offer flexible work arrangements on these days to accommodate different schedules.  Encourage working to be in-house on these days to encourage attendance.


By harnessing the power of wellbeing awareness days in the workplace, organisations can create a supportive and thriving environment that values employee wellbeing. These dedicated days offer a multitude of benefits, ranging from reducing stigma to fostering team bonding and empowering employees.

Remember, a healthier workforce translates into happier, more engaged employees who thrive, progress, and remain loyal to the business.

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