Frequently Asked Questions

Find out about Laughter workshops – for the health of it. 

Will I be doing Yoga?

The Yoga part of Laughter Yoga is the deep breathing we do in between the Laughter exercises.  We need to do these as we soon run out of oxygen when we laugh heartily.  Take a look at the full explanation on the Blog section.


What is the cost of a Laughter Yoga workshop?

Laughter Yoga workshops are designed to your budget and really affordable. They offer high value results in comparison to the cost. For companies prices start from £159. For a full list of prices and lengths of workshops offered please email us at and quote “Laughter Workshop options” or phone 07974 778 091.

What is Laughing Yoga? Is it the same as Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is also known as Laughing Yoga.  The founder, Dr Madan Kataria, named the unique mind and body exercises Laughter Yoga so this is the more official term.

I don't feel happy enough to laugh should I still come?

A huge benefit of coming to a Laughter Yoga workshop is that it’s not necessary to be happy to come along – we practice simulated laughter at first, and it soon becomes real.

Laughter is significantly beneficial to your mental health.  Your positivity will increase – feel-good chemicals – dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins – are created by laughing, be it simulated or genuine.

I have a medical condition/injury. Can I still participate?

There is a contraindications sheet which we ask you to read and sign. Laughter Yoga is cardiovascular exercise and works the diaphragm – please seek professional medical advice if concerned before participating.

Do I need any previous experience?

No previous experience is necessary. We will explain very simply what to do. Each exercise is very straightforward.

What do I need to bring to a workshop?

Comfortable clothing and flat shoes are recommended.  Please have a soft drink or water to hand.  No gym kit or Yoga mat is required.  Please bring your willingness to participate too!

What if I get tired?

Take a break when you need to and come back to the exercises if able to do so. We do deep-breathing exercises in between laughter exercises to help to keep oxygenated and energy levels up. Relaxation, and meditation time is part of the Laughter Yoga experience at the end of each workshop.

What if I have to leave early?

It is fine to leave during Laughter Yoga exercises.  Simply do so quietly.

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