Is it true that Laughter is the best medicine?


Would you or your employees participate in Laughter Yoga to keep well and help combat all the office germs?


You’ve likely heard the popular phrase “laughter is the best medicine”, but is there scientific evidence to back up this age-old wisdom?


When it comes to Laughter Yoga, a unique mind-body practice that combines laughter exercises with yogic breathing, the answer is a resounding yes!


Laughter Yoga may initially seem silly – intentionally laughing for no reason with a group of colleagues, friends or strangers. But don’t be fooled by its light-hearted approach. This fun routine provides a powerful, low-impact workout while delivering various physical, mental, and emotional health benefits backed by research.


The Unexpected Physical Benefits

Though you may just be laughing and breathing deeply using proven laughter exercises, Laughter Yoga offers an outstanding cardio workout.

Often, 10-15 minutes of hearty laughter can have the same physiological effect as 30 minutes on a rowing machine! It gets your heart pumping, dilates your blood vessels, and floods your cells with fresh oxygen.


Beyond the aerobic benefits, laughter triggers the release of endorphins – the body’s natural pain-relieving and mood-boosting hormones. It helps reduce physical stress by lowering cortisol levels and other harmful stress hormones linked to numerous diseases. Laughter is even associated with boosting immune function and regulating blood sugar in diabetics.


Mental Health Support

In addition to its physical perks, Laughter Yoga provides an exceptional antidote for psychological stressors like depression, anxiety, and trauma. The positive emotions sparked by laughing can counter negative thought patterns and provide an uplifting effect that lasts long after the laughter subsides.


When Laughter Yoga is practised in a group, it facilitates bonding and social connection by releasing oxytocin. This allows a sense of community and caring relationships to develop among members.


A Complementary Therapy

While laughter alone can’t cure diseases, it can provide a powerful complementary therapy. Many practitioners report relief from chronic conditions like arthritis, asthma, and even the side effects of cancer treatments when laughter becomes part of their wellness plan.


So, is laughter truly the best medicine? While it may not replace medical treatment, adding regular laughter and breathwork to your lifestyle through Laughter Yoga is an easy, invigorating way to promote holistic mind-body benefits. With such a simple, joyful practice bolstering physical and mental health, perhaps there’s some truth to this age-old advice!



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