What is Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance?

Way back in July 2019, at the Laughter Yoga Teachers reunion, I was introduced to a new offering from the founder of Laughter Yoga – Dr Madan Kataria.  Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance.

Many teachers were uncertain.  It was new.  It was out of our comfort zones.

But you know, the more I thought about it, I pushed myself to try it more than once or twice, and the more I did the easier it became and the more I enjoyed it!

This is key to trying something new – do it a few times – because the first once or twice is the hardest – is it not?

At the start of the pandemic, in 2020, I introduced Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance into the weekly community Serious Laughter community sessions.


Simply because it consists of the 4 elements of joy – dancing, laughter, singing, and playing.

When we do all these together, we can live – not only authentically and joyfully – but also get such health benefits such as improved immunity, more positivity, less stress, more social connection, and probably live longer!

What does this type of dance entail?

Dancing to Bollywood music, singing the laughter sounds with the dance moves, playful dance moves, and in between the different dances, 30 seconds of intentional laughter and 3 deep breaths.

Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance is a great introduction to the world of Laughter Yoga – it involves movement to loosen worried tight muscles.  It is also relatively simple to follow.  Additionally, it also accessible as there’s mostly arm actions – I encourage even those unsteady on their feet to have a go sitting down.

Is it time to be adventurous into the world of joy?

To give you an insight…Here’s a few snippets of what participants said after Bollywood sessions –

“Always love dancing and laughing together.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Very uplifting.  Feeling energised.  Always look forward to Bollywood dancing.  I feel like I’ll sleep tonight.  Thank you so much, loved the session.”

And just to add a little more on who has booked onto a Bollywood Laughter Yoga session – there have been corporate workshop participants and a community participant holding a guinea pig (for a short while!).

So you see – Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance is open to everyone – and once you get over the first time nerves it’s so much easier.  Stretch yourself and try it!

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