The benefits of Laughter Yoga in the workplace are cumulative


Laughter Yoga is great as a one-off session to give a big positive boost to corporate teams and communities.

But why do businesses now need to focus on the compounded and cumulative effects that Laughter Yoga can offer?


Laughter Yoga offers great benefits to your employees’ mental health and wellness. It’s no wonder why Laughter Yoga has become increasingly popular among workplaces in the UK to boost happiness, productivity, and team building.

The aftereffects of a Laughter session wear off as work and life take over.  Let’s find out why more than a one-off workshop is beneficial to the workplace.

  1. Staff retention – With quick uplifting results, your employee morale increases through happy chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins). Happier teams mean that employees are less likely to quit their jobs because they are more engaged. That’s a great relief as the higher turnover of staff doesn’t help the morale of those who do stay or their consistency of productivity. Regular Laughter Yoga sessions provide a steady dose of beneficial morale-boosting in the workplace.
  2. Fewer sickness benefits – Laughter provides a great amount of stress relief which is important considering that stress causes 75-90% of illnesses, diseases and mental health struggles. Fewer sickness absences benefit businesses by putting less pressure on colleagues to cover more than their role, and leave you with fewer sickness benefits to pay out.

Furthermore, Laughter Yoga can improve overall health in the workplace. Laughter has been shown to improve immune function, reduce pain, and lower blood pressure. By incorporating Laughter Yoga into the workday, your employees can improve their overall health and well-being.

  1. Productivity – Additionally, when employees are stressed, their productivity can decrease, and they lose attention. However, laughter has been shown to reduce stress levels, which can ultimately increase productivity. By incorporating Laughter Yoga into the workday, your employees can feel more relaxed and focused.
  2. Team building – Laughter Yoga can promote team building in the workplace. There are no judgements or comparisons with laughter – it is a universal language, and everyone is doing the same activity together. Your employees would bond over a shared, uplifting experience which they can reflect on. This ultimately leads to a stronger team dynamic.
  3. Communication – Additionally, Laughter Yoga can improve communication among your employees, breaking down barriers and promoting open communication. They feel more connected to their colleagues and their work environment.
  4. Innovative ideas – With extra oxygen in the brain, and less stress, Laughter Yoga can improve creativity in the workplace. By incorporating Laughter Yoga into the workday, employees can feel more creative, think of innovative ideas, and be inspired.
  5. More energy – Laughter Yoga provides a relaxed state of mind – activating the rest and digest, the parasympathetic nervous system – promoting better, and deeper sleep to have more energy and better decision-making. During a 1 hour Laughter Yoga session, a deep relaxation is offered (Yoga Nidra) which helps combat burnout and fatigue, reminding the body how to go into deep delta wave sleep.
  6. A reward – The instant holiday – as an employee perk – giving a break from the outside world and entering the Laughter Yoga space to have fun, play, and let go of stress and bring in happiness. This gives the logical brain a rest from thinking, planning and doing.
  7. Work-life balance – Laughter Yoga can improve work-life balance. When employees are stressed, they may struggle to balance their work and personal lives. However, as laughter reduces stress levels, this in turn promotes a sense of balance by reducing stress levels. By incorporating Laughter Yoga into the workday, employees can feel more balanced and fulfilled.
  8. Customer service in the workplace improves with regular Laughter Yoga sessions. When your employees are happy and relaxed, they are more likely to provide excellent customer service. By incorporating Laughter Yoga into the workday, your employees can feel more confident and capable in their roles.
  9. Caring company – Laughter Yoga can improve company culture in the workplace. By promoting happiness, productivity, team building, communication, creativity, health, morale, work-life balance, and customer service, Laughter Yoga can ultimately improve the overall culture of a business to be one of a more caring nature.

In conclusion, the benefits of Laughter Yoga are cumulative in the workplace for happiness, productivity, and team building. By incorporating Laughter Yoga into the workday, employees can feel happier, more productive, and more connected to their colleagues.

Ultimately, regular (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) Laughter Yoga sessions can improve the overall culture of your company, leading to a more successful and fulfilling work environment.

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