We’re now in May – Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s about time I shared the extent of my mental health journey.  It will never end for me, it’s about mental strength nowadays.

I wasn’t always happy – still dip several times a month even now.  What I do know is that daily Laughter Yoga exercises boost the positive chemicals inside me.

Amazingly even when I’m not happy I am still laughing daily to boost seratonin and dopamine and all the goodness from deep hearty laughter.

Because I know how well and completely different I feel afterwards.  It’s topping up my resilience to cope with life’s challenges too.

Back in 1995 I roared with laughter at Victoria Wood (I mean, who doesn’t when she’s in person on the stage and the whole audience is laughing – it’s so contagious isn’t it, laughter?).  That’s the last time I had prolonged laughter inside me.  Right up to 2016 when, right by accident, a wellbeing day included Laughter (great I thought, hope I “get it” to watch the performer) – but no.  No performer, simply games, exercises and at the end we sat in circles, eyes closed the room soon filled with the sound of laughter as 55 women laughed heartily.

This planted a seed inside me and for the next 4 months I researched laughing for wellbeing.  Eventually in July 2016 finding out about Laughter Yoga (these days Google knows more about Laughter Yoga luckily you’ll find it quicker!)

I attended a couple of Laughter Yoga clubs in Manchester which were a long trek from where I lived at that time.  After each session the feeling of completely cleansed of stress was so beneficial I had to do more of it.

So I went on to train as a Laughter Yoga Leader to learn more and fill my life with laughter.

I’ve ended up filling not only my life but thousands of others since October 2016, encouraging and spreading the amazing mind and body benefits of Laughter Yoga.  You’ll find the details of some of them here in this blog.

Mental strength and letting off the stress steam is available to us using wellbeing techniques such as Laughter Yoga.

Are you ready to feel mentally strong?

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