12 Mental and Physical Health Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

Laughing your way to good health – and mental strength – is definitely possible by practicing Laughter Yoga. The saying “Laughter is the best medicine” is actually true! Laughing on purpose (Laughter Yoga) transforms lives – living a healthier, happier, and prolonged life. Best of all it is totally accessible.


A great social connector, Laughter Yoga is perfect for companies, communities and individuals to experience social and team bonding.


1. Changes your mood

You can take part in Laughter Yoga even if you are not happy and feeling glum. Our brains don’t know the difference between intentional laughter and real genuine laughter. Boosting positive chemicals inside us when we laugh on purpose is a real bonus to help you. This is one of the key bonuses of Laughter Yoga and why so many people continue to do it to ward off anxiety and depression.

2. Dissolves stress

The biggest benefit is stress relief. Stress and overwhelm are so common. They create high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Have too much of this and it’s potentially harmful to your body and can create illness.

3. Boosts your immune system

Fight those infections off – Laughter boosts the number of natural killer cells – prolonged laughter boosts antibodies, reducing general illnesses.

4. Helps you cope better

Coping with challenging situations becomes much easier to be able to dissolve situations which are out of your control, all through laughter.

5. Acts as a painkiller

The release of endorphins enables pain to ease. Norman Cousins was a great example of this and laughed to enable himself to sleep without pain. He wrote a book entitled “Anatomy of an Illness.”  We have had many Laughter Yoga participants experience less pain and migraines disappear after a session.

6. Improves your heart health

You can activate your blood pressure by laughing on purpose. You boost it then reduce it with the relaxation laughter provides. Laughter improves both the amount of oxygen supplied to our heart and our blood circulation.

7. Provides brilliant happy exercise

Yoga is a perfect exercise routine, it effectively works the heart and blood circulation, Laughter and aerobic activity which you can take part in sitting or standing and is totally accessible for people with mobility issues and visual impairment. Indeed, our YouTube video for Henshaws charity for the blind has been viewed over 5,500 times!

8. Stimulates your brain function

With more oxygen taken in when we laugh, our brains work better. It gives you an injection of creativity and concentration. Hence why more and more schools schedule regular Laughter Yoga sessions for their pupils.

9. Regulates blood glucose levels

Higher blood glucose levels have always been associated with anger or sadness.  Laughter helps lower blood sugar and protein levels in the blood.  * A study conducted in Japan has shown that patients have a lower blood sugar spike after laughing than those who did not.

10. Improves your breathing

You’ll be breathing deeply which means your lungs are going to empty their old stale air. Your lung capacity will increase too! This ultimately means the more you laugh, the healthier your lungs become.

11. Increases relaxation and improves sleep

Laughter is a natural relaxant – not only great for all your muscles but also for your brain. You’ll most likely sleep better.

12. Exercises facial muscles

Laughter easily tones your facial muscles – there are not many exercises which can do this. You’ll also receive an increased blood supply to your face – so getting a beautiful flow – which is why jolly people often appear younger!


Want to be healthy and happy and live a long life? “Laughter is the best medicine”

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