7 Tips to Keep You Positive on Blue Monday (and beyond)

You may already be aware that Blue Monday was initially a marketing ploy in 2005 by a British holiday company to make us buy more holidays after Christmas – on the back of psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall who dreamed it up.

The January Blues could indeed be true but it’s more likely to have started before January and be associated with winter – through a lack of sunlight, short days, poor weather, social isolation, and perhaps no holidays or exciting things to look forward to (unless you’re a good planner and think well ahead).

We need sunlight for our brains to release serotonin – the mood booster – to feel calm and focused.

Here are 7 short tips to help with positivity not just in January but throughout the year.

1. Connect and surround yourself with positive people in some way every day – those who make you feel empowered, give you support and you feel like you’ve known them forever. Phone, go on Zoom, meet up, message or video call.

All methods of connection are beneficial to release oxytocin and dopamine, to make you feel really positive and happy.

2. Avoid watching or reading the news (once a week is more than enough to keep in the

Bad news gets viewers, which is why watching the news on TV is all about the bad
things in the world, but there are A LOT of good things too!

3. Keep a daily gratitude diary – writing it at night (or thinking of all the good things that
happened during that day). Your last thought in your head is the first one in the
morning, so end on good thoughts.

When we remember all the good things that happen, they far outweigh the negative
ones, and we feel more positive.

4. Smile and laugh on purpose (Laughter Yoga) – do you feel like you have no
happiness or motivation to even get out of bed?

Reach for a clean pen and bite it horizontally, hold it right there until your cheeks start to ache a lot then do some
gentle laughter. Doing so releases happy endorphins into your brain giving great positivity and brilliant benefits for your mind and body, including giving you an immunity boost – especially important in the winter months.

See our blog here on the benefits of Laughter Yoga.

5. Do a random act of kindness – surprise people. It can be as small as holding the door
for someone for the elevator or giving the gift of time to a lonely person or someone
struggling. The benefits of doing surprising acts of kindness give us a boost of
dopamine and oxytocin which makes us feel good and motivated.

6. Leave notes around – Put post-it notes with loving messages to yourself where you
will see them every day – on your desk, the fridge, inside a drawer, or on a mirror. A
reminder of how special and good you are at being you. You are unique.

A few examples:
“I am perfect just as I am”
“I love you, I love me”

“More than anything else, I look after myself first because I am amazing.”

7. Create a music playlist (and keep adding to) a playlist on your favourite device. The
songs you choose must be upbeat and make you feel ALIVE and want to sing and
dance along. Play your music playlist first thing in the morning or when your mood
has dipped. Singing and dancing are two aspects of joy so help with happiness,
wellbeing and resilience to cope with life’s curveballs.

This list isn’t exhaustive – there are many more tools – which we share in our Laughter Yoga
and happiness workshops and face-to-face and video wellbeing courses.
Pick your wellbeing tools to put in your mental strength toolbox, ready to pick up when
you’re your mood dips or you are struggling with life challenges.
These tips will bring sunshine to your soul – your special tools.  Practicing them will
become like an instant holiday – boosting your happiness levels during winter – and beyond
to thrive in life.

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