Companies are enjoying Laughter sessions in more ways than just fun – Brainy benefits.

They are getting ahead of their competitors with the creative brain which Laughter Yoga gives them.


Laughter and Play – 2 of the key elements in Laughter Yoga – work the right side of the brain.

The creative, problem solving, attention, memory side of the brain.  Creating new neural pathways, making connections – sending signals from one part of the brain to another, thinking outside of the box and learn new information.

Think of it as like sparks and fireworks going off in all directions and you’ll get the idea.

This is how companies will achieve the competitive edge nowadays.

Yes, it’s all through laughing on purpose, play and connection.

Team building and bringing the fun element is a serious advantage.

From my own personal experience, I remember when I couldn’t think of anything to write on blogs, on social media, on how to promote Laughter Yoga.   The more I practiced Laughter Yoga I realised that my brain is thinking of different ways of doing something – and I see this as an exciting revelation.  A real advantage.  I am very creative, thinking how to make workshops brilliant, interesting and very different than competitors’.

Do you remember the brain fog first thing in the morning or when you’re tired?

This will rarely happen with Laughter Yoga sessions taking place regularly.

The fresh oxygen to your brain rejuvenates you – and your employees – with each Laughter session having compounded benefits.

Brain gym laughter exercises are often using in Team Laughter sessions.

Adidtionally, a bright idea recently is to bring clients into Laughter Yoga sessions, enabling those new creative ideas to flow together, bonding and cementing their relationship at the same time.

This is where it’s all happening.  If you want to join in the fireworks, remember to book your Laughter sessions promptly – you haven’t got rid of the brain fog just yet!

The enquiry form to book your block of, or taster, Laughter Yoga sessions is HERE 

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