According to the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of wellbeing is “The state of being
or doing well in life; happy, healthy, or prosperous condition; moral or physical welfare (of a
person or community).”

Is that how you are both being, and feeling, in your life – happy, healthy, or feeling wealthy
in yourself?

However, if you are feeling tired, depleted, lost your mojo and are fed up, boosting your
wellbeing may be what you need. Topping up your Wellbeing could be any or all of these
things to you plus many more.

These are a starting point:




Boosting happiness levels

Putting joy into your life


Self-care for me is having calm time with a lively job (and possibly ADHD too.) I find calm
time in the mornings in the form of Yoga Nidra, alternating with a walk. Yoga Nidra is
absolute bliss and I love spreading awareness at how superb it is for anxiety and sleep
deficit, amongst many other benefits.  We all love this in a one-hour Laughter Yoga
workshop! It’s complete “Zen”

Self-compassion – starting to talk to ourselves and care for ourselves, like a long standing
supportive, warm friend.  Nurturing ourselves and doing what we need to do instead of
being a people-pleaser. You can’t pour from an empty cup, can you?

Gratitude – we’re simply hard-wired to respond negatively so turning this around and
finding 3 things to be grateful for each day (at night this is especially good.) However small,
there will be something to be thankful for. Occasionally it’s harder than others of course.

Boosting happiness levels – do what you love.
What haven’t you done for a long time that you used to really enjoy?
Who do you love being with?
Where do you love going?
Do all these because you only live once.
Have no regrets.

Do the activities to nourish your soul and make you happy – many are free or cost very
little. Please, however, be aware of buying too many things to “make” you happy. It’s very
short-term! Be happy with participating in the good stuff – you are amazing! Be proud of

Putting joy into your life – 4 activities or put all of them together – singing, dancing, laughing,
and playing all put joy deep inside you. It’s joy that gives you that lovely buzzy feeling, lights
you up, feeling that life is super-amazing. Put on some music first thing in the morning (have
your own bouncy morning playlist.)

All 4 aspects of joy we put into one-hour Laughter Yoga sessions. Squeeze every ounce of
joy into them! Joy really helps us cope with challenges. It’s like a superpower.

Write down which of these you’re planning to do:

Boosting happiness levels
Putting joy into your life
Then enjoy your life and live to the fullest!

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