Laughter Yoga acts as a social connector, a stress buster and a positivity boost.  And so much more as you are about to read.


Our bodies cannot tell the difference between intentional laughter and genuine laughter and very soon intentional laughter becomes actual genuine laughter. We know laughter is contagious just like yawning.

Companies can really benefit from employees participating in Laughter Yoga workshops, ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour.


Firstly, Laughter Yoga brings on great social cohesion, team bonding for those working from home, hybrid or the office. It creates positivity even when morale is low or teams are struggling with challenges. Laughter Yoga gives mental strength. It is a special coping mechanism that everyone needs in challenging times.


Stress in the body is naturally decreased when we laugh, so feel much lighter and able to cope. Employees are much healthier as stress causes many illnesses. Laughter Yoga brings on a burst of energy – first thing in the morning for those who struggle with morning and in those slumps during the day. Starting the day with intentional laughter gives employees a boost of energy along with an immunity boost – so less illness at work.


With all the fresh oxygen going into their brains when they laugh – employees benefit from less brain fog, brilliant ideas, increased motivation, better concentration, and creativity.


In addition to this, Laughter Yoga increases employees’ self-esteem and confidence in talking and voicing thoughts. With improved emotional intelligence created – after practicing Laughter Yoga for at least a month – employees become more caring and much better at assessing others’ emotions. A valuable personal skill in today’s world.


Of course, people can feel awkward and averse to trying something new and this is why companies now employ Laughter Professionals to run specialised 15 or 30-minute in person or online beginners Laughter workshops to relieve the awkwardness and create a safe environment.


We all know laughter is the best medicine, right? Time to sign up for Laughter Yoga sessions


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