Since 2016 carers groups have come to me asking for Laughter Yoga sessions.

At first, even I was a bit sceptical whether they would be able to laugh openly, knowing their circumstances.

But you know what? People who struggle most, like unpaid carers, benefit the most from attending Laughter Yoga sessions. Intentional laughter boosts their positivity and the Yogic breathing calms them and decreases stress.

Importantly, those people who really are struggling with feeling low, trying to negotiate lots of problems, multitasking to the hilt, need the most positivity and decreased stress so that they don’t become poorly themselves.

Carers can be of all ages – young carers who are caring for their parents or grandparents.  There are people in their 20s and 30s caring for children, adult siblings, relatives with disabilities or elders with mobility and memory problems.

Some words which have stayed with me were from a gentleman who attended a Laughter session.  He said at the end of the session “More people should do this”. Everyone agreed and realised that it was a very special coping mechanism.

Because participants don’t need to be happy to come to a Laughter Yoga session it’s the perfect well-being mental health exercise routine for carers.

Not all carers can be happy when battling with the pressures put on them. So having the excellent opportunity to attend a fully accessible session online (or in person) means the attendees can fit it into their caring duties when their time is precious.

Just 30 minutes session makes a huge impact on carers’ mental health and ability to cope with challenges and boost their own immunity.

We notice the difference from the beginning to end of sessions. From the solemn faces, often drawn and tired faces come into a session and to see the carers leaving feel very relaxed, confident, happy, stress-free with glowing faces and wide beautiful smiles.

I see how laughter yoga makes a difference to carers. They feel the difference.

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