It was easy to think of a company name for my Laughter Yoga business.

I had become a focussed, serious human being for a very long time prior to 2016.

You see, the last time I remember my belly hurting, cheeks aching and eyes streaming through laughing was when I saw Victoria Wood perform at Sheffield City Hall back in 1992, when I was 25 years old.

Many people I communicated with were serious, my partner at the time was serious – and I was moving around the country with my partner searching for happiness – chasing a career and money.  I ended up in a small town renowned for its history and its variety of restaurants and designer shops.

More serious people.

When Laughter Yoga found me I was suffering from deep depression and a divorce.

It was profound.

It was a lightbulb moment and it seriously affected me by allowing me to tap into my lost laughter.  It gave me positivity and a purpose and it was indeed one of those special moments when I thought “this is the real me and I love how I feel”.

Stresses melted away when I visited Maria’s monthly Manchester Laughter Club. So, I just had to train in Laughter Yoga and spread this magical wellbeing tool to the serious world outside.

Laughter in a serious world – Serious Laughter was born….

To chat about how Laughter Yoga can help you or your business please call Sara on 07974778091 or email HAPPY@SERIOUSLAUGHTER.CO.UK