Being resilient and creative are some of the benefits of practicing Laughter Yoga regularly.  Physical Laughter Clubs and Workshops are magical, not only with the laughter but also meeting people face-to-face.

Back in October 2019 I started chatting with another laughter professional, Pete Cann, based in Bristol. We discovered we had the same enthusiasm to needing Laughter Yoga via a social connection – so we decided to trial daily morning Zoom sessions to help us both enjoy daily laughter with social connection.  Prior to this I’d only managed to practice solo daily laughter and telephone laughter with others.

Laughter Yoga has no borders with Zoom, so Pete had the creative idea of setting up The Daily Giggle Channel on Facebook to promote the 8am morning sessions and inviting some of his business and our Laughter Yoga colleagues onto it.

I quickly realised that if I hadn’t laughed at the morning session, I would miss not only the intentional laughter but the social connection that also comes with it.  Working from home it’s even more important to have this connection, and I found that I worked better with my brain full of oxygen from laughing, and a really positive outlook.

In March 2020 (due to Covid-19), the sessions grew quickly when 2 more Laughter Yoga professionals, Merrie Maggie and Noreen Gormally, came on board to run even more sessions – 4 times a day!

We became The Daily Giggle Team… Supporting each other, encouraging and laughing with each other from 4 cities all over England.  Some of us had never ever met each other in person and this collaboration brought us together through the one passion we all have – Laughter Yoga.

Social distancing meant all our physical workshops were postponed for a few months and we had time to focus on Laughter Yoga to help not only ourselves but the World too!  I gained so much from the virtual laughter connection – engaging with people who I would never have otherwise known.

Update: A fresh variety of laughter professionals have recently come onboard in January 2021.

To chat about how Laughter Yoga can help you or your business please call Sara on 07974778091 or email HAPPY@SERIOUSLAUGHTER.CO.UK

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