Comedians have their place.. there’s often a work “joker” – they’re fabulous in-house comedians.

Or there’s Peter Kay…

Were you in the LOOOONG queue for Peter Kay tickets?

Honestly, I clicked to see how long I would have to wait – when the number 426,574 flashed up on the screen, the thought of waiting all day to be told the tickets had sold out made me quickly press the ESC button.

Within seconds I was relieved!  I mean, why would I or anyone else want to rely on comedy?

Alright, yes, he’s amazing, but that laughter will fill your boots for the evening – and then WHAT???? Where do you go for laughter? The office joker?

And if you must wait until 2024 to have a laugh with Peter, then it’s a REALLY LONG wait, isn’t it?

But maybe, just maybe, we can’t rely on them to uplift us.  Those short bursts of giggles definitely won’t give us all the health benefits that Laughter Yoga does.

When we practice heartly laughter (Laughter Yoga) as an intentional exercise, the entertainment and amusement focus disappear – comedians aren’t necessary.

5 reasons why Laughter Yoga wins over comedians and jokes.

  1. If we laugh at a joke, it’s not nearly long enough to melt stress, a few seconds … Longer session of hearty Laughter Yoga melts stress.
  2. The jokes may not be funny – you may not even laugh. You may feel unhappy and it be a really hard effort to even think about understanding the joke …  Laughter can be started with warm up exercises and prolonged even when you aren’t happy.
  3. It’s off and on – short, tiny bursts … Not prolonged for 15-20 minutes as in Laughter Yoga
  4. The jokes could be negative and offensive – instead of being free of negativity and unconditional.
  5. Pure entertainment and amusement vs Laughter as an exercise, Yogic style breathing, and masses of health benefits.

Lastly, you could save yourself £150 on a one night stand… and invest it in a fabulous uplifting wellbeing session for 40 people!

For a pure stress-relieving Laughter session Sara Kay not Peter Kay is the person to choose haha

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