The Selfie has a healthy side to it…

You know I had a profound thought the other day – Since selfies came out, most people do pretend smiles for them don’t they?

Yes, this is faking a smile.  Faking a smile creates feel-good chemicals inside you.

Do it for long enough, open your mouth and do some sounds and you generally end up giggling to yourself.

Guess what! – Selfies are an amazing recent invention in the world of positivity!

If, and that is a big if – you smile for the selfies and not pout ….

Whilst we’re talking about smiling, doing so enables tiny neuropeptides are released.

These amazing tiny molecules which fight off stress.

Who knew that a smiling selfie could be so good?

Then there’s endorphins, serotonin and dopamine –  endorphins are a mild pain reliever – great!

Serotonin is what many antidepressants are made of, the feel-good chemicals produced mostly in our gut (90%) and brain.

Having a good belly laugh is a perfect way of releasing these chemicals.

Personally, I’m a great fan and do a lot of fake-smiling (and belly-laughing of course!).

Meeting someone new I always smile.

It’s a good greeting and it has a ripple effect too.

You see, those mirror-neurons in our brain love to see a smile and it makes the recipient really want to smile too.

These clever neurons are the reason we love to yawn when other people yawn around us.

We love to laugh when others laugh too.

Big, big happy feelings all round!

So, try it, smile for the health of it, laugh for the health of it.

Oh and whilst we’re at it a nice big yawn please YAAAWNNNN zzz.

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