What is love anyway?  Does anybody love anybody anyway?

So the Howard Jones’ song goes.

We love our friends, relatives and partners in all different ways. Each deserving our loving attention.  We can really feel we’re being pulled in all directions.  So what’s important is to love and care for ourselves first and foremost.

It’s important to remember kindness and caring for each other, in all different ways, whether it’s putting the washing machine on, surprising with a concert ticket, or takeway, or simply spending time away from mobile phones.

With emotional intelligence we can sense what is needed. With empathy and understanding.

How can we become this kind of person, especially if it doesn’t come naturally to us?

Laughter Yoga has been confirmed as improving our emotional intelligence, to sense each other’s feelings and bring about empathy, love and understanding.

Connection through laughter is very special. There’s simply nothing like this soulful connection to bond and bring about magical friendships.

As Valentine’s Day (14th) and Random Acts of Kindness Day (17th) fall in the same week, it’s a perfect week to express your love for different people in your life in different ways.

How will you choose to express  your love?

A message? A phonecall? Flowers? Gifts?

However you express it I truly hope that there are smiles and laughter in your week.

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