Being alive and healthy is more important than Christmas.  Than anything else I believe.

You know the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup”.

And one of the times we are so tempted to do just this is at the run up, and during, the Christmas holiday.

There’s the urge to look after everyone’s needs before your own isn’t there?

To keep everyone happy.  But then will they be happy if you are run-down and then get poorly?

No I thought not.


Now recently I’ve had a handful of my clients come to me and say they feel flat, deflated, tired and worn out.

They’ve told me the reasons why.  Then they have themselves said to me “Oh I need some laughter”.

My reply to that was “Yes you do – take a look at the Laughter Advent for a few exercises to start with, or my e-book”.


Because we can’t pour from our empty cups, Laughter Yoga lets off stress-steam and rejuvenates us, energy levels boost.

It gives us purpose, a sense of community, a huge positivity boost with serotonin, and a fantastic immunity boost too.


Feeling and being alive and healthy.  The best present to yourself this Christmas.


Take a look here to see the Laughter Advent –

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