The International Day of Happiness happens on 20th March every year.

Why should we celebrate this day? The Laughter Yoga ethos teaches us that one of the greatest inner tools you can have is to know that every day should be celebrated. The International Day of Happiness allows us to embrace happiness and to connect to share hope and peace. This is even more important at the present time of writing with unrest in the world around us.


What’s the history behind this day?

Back in 2011, Jayme Illien introduced the idea to the United Nations, founding the ‘happytalism’ project instead of ‘capitalism’. Having agreed to the proposal, founded in July 2012, the first International Day of Happiness was observed on 20th March 2013. On this day (and it should  in fact be every day) we acknowledge how important and necessary happiness, well-being and freedom is to everyone worldwide, and then put into public policy.


Which organisations celebrate this?

In essence, any which really care about happiness. These include Laughter Yoga professionals, Action for Happiness, and the United Nations. I would highly recommend looking at the Action for Happiness website here at their monthly calendars which are thought-provoking.


Through sharing our special happiness stories, we can inspire others, spread positivity and show ways to improve happiness with well-being techniques, creating an optimistic future too.


So, on 20th March – and always – remember to share positive messages, use kindness, understanding and think of ways to spread peace. When you connect with others (who you know and who you don’t, but soon will) through love and kindness, you are making a better world now and for future generations.


Join us to celebrate the International Day of Happiness – our event is listed here.

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