How to go from your Comfort Zone to Growth Zone


As humans, we are creatures of habit.

We tend to stick to what we know and what feels comfortable.  The thought of stepping outside of our comfort zones can feel awkward, and intimidating, and become sceptical to try new things.

While it’s important to challenge yourself and try new things, you may feel embarrassed and dubious about leaving your comfort zone behind.

3 Reasons for not venturing beyond your comfort zone:

  1. Fear of the unknown

One reason for the awkwardness of stepping beyond your safe comfort zone is fear of the unknown.  When trying something new, you may often feel unsure of what to expect, which can cause anxiety and uncertainty.  You may be discouraged because of the worry of failure, making mistakes, or looking silly.

The latter, along with uncertainty, are both very common feelings before attending a Laughter Yoga session for the first time.  At Serious Laughter, we have created breathing techniques and share our understanding about stepping beyond THE zone, reassuring you that you are in a very safe environment.

  1. Lack of confidence

Doing something a different way, or even a better way, can be hard to believe after you have carried on in a certain way for a long time.  You may doubt your ability or feel that you don’t have the correct skills or knowledge to succeed.

  1. Judgement or rejection

Stepping outside of your comfort zone, you may be afraid of judgement or rejection from others. The feeling of exposing yourself to criticism or disapproval from those around you may feel challenging.


Whilst it is understandable to be sceptical about leaving your comfort zone, it is important to recognise the benefits of doing so – you can learn new things, build your confidence, and discover new hobbies and interests.

Think about this, if everyone felt the same as you about stepping over the comfort line, how would anyone become a happier human being, how would they achieve promotion, how would they speak up when no one else would?  This can all happen because of stepping out of the comfort zone.

One way to overcome the fear of leaving your comfort zone is to set small achievable goals and gradually work up to larger, more challenging tasks.  Having a friend or mentor can encourage you on your journey.

To overcome any scepticism

In conclusion, it’s natural to be sceptical about leaving your comfort zone into your growth one, but it’s also important to recognise the benefits of doing so.  These may include personal growth, feelings of achievement, and reflection on how much you have enjoyed or learned from the new activity.  It could even lead to a promotion, a new career, or a new friendship/relationship.

After stepping over that comfort zone circle, you are 100% more likely to step outside of your comfort zone again sooner rather than later.

How would you like to feel good about your achievement by learning something new or unique?  Being happy and proud of how far you’ve come.

Our Laughter Yoga sessions gently push you out of your comfort zone and into your personal – and social – growth zones.  Since 2016 we have seen transformations such as clients achieving improved health, trying new hobbies, travelling solo, becoming entrepreneurs, achieving promotions, better social skills, and improving mental strength.  Incredibly, boosted productivity too!


We can help you achieve confidence by stepping into your growth zone.

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