At the time of writing this blog, school children are spending a significant amount of time being home-schooled and on computer screens.

There may be little social interaction which is light-hearted and designed to let off steam for both school children and their teachers.

Can you imagine a pressure cooker full of worries, concern, anxiety and insecurities.  This pressure builds up and we have to let it go sometimes.  So, just how can we let off this pressure?

Thankfully, laughter lets off this pressurised steam inside us and is a perfect antidote for the challenges of a school day.

We dissolve stress and anxiety when we laugh, decompresses overwhelm as the cortisol inside us naturally reduces with laughter.

We all lose concentration through prolonged screen use and brain fog often takes place – as does frequent yawning.

We need more oxygen.  Laughter actually helps our brains function better too, with increased oxygen inside it.

So, if school children and teachers do even 10 minutes of hearty laughter each day, with this extra oxygen from laughing our brains become more creative and work better.

I’ve recently heard that there’s too much pressure being put on teachers with them doing some in person and online teaching, sometimes simultaneously.

This causes stress which doesn’t do our bodies or brains any good – it lowers our immunity, increases blood pressure and speeds up our breathing.

Exactly where Laughter Yoga really helps.  Laughter with the relaxing deep Yogic breathing is the perfect body and brain workout to ease and let go of stress and anxiety.

With so many germs and Covid-19 floating through the air, we need to keep school children, teachers and support staff in schools as healthy as possible.  Online Laughter Yoga sessions work exceptionally well.

Deep belly laughing is the perfect preventative medicine because our immune systems are boosted with the special T cells and Natural Killer cells when we laugh for a prolonged period.

Will schools take Laughter Yoga seriously? I seriously hope so.

To chat about how Laughter Yoga can help your school or child please call Sara on 07974778091 or email HAPPY@SERIOUSLAUGHTER.CO.UK