My vision is blurry – I need glasses.

My brain is foggy – what do I need?


What with varifocals, special computer glasses, reading glasses, blue light glasses.  The opticians can give us so much “equipment” to help our eyes.


What about our brains though?

That brain fog or overwhelm stop us being really creative in life, work, perhaps making us feel like life is drudgery, our brains are rusty, blame it on age?


Is there any “equipment” we can buy or do to help our brains work better?  Crossword puzzles and books definitely help.  These won’t put more oxygen into our brains or work the right side, creative side of our brains unfortunately.


However, hearty laughter does!

You’ll need the type which stimulates the abdomen, and with diaphragmatic breathing, gets you out of breath.  Sometimes making your stomach muscles and cheeks ache.  That’s the magic laughter tonic to put more oxygen inside you.  Incidentally – I love the way it actives your parasympathetic nervous system too to a more calm, balanced state.

With all the fresh oxygen to your brain you can think clearly, focus, and become creative.  Brilliant!

If you’re like me and suffer from brain fog, then Laughter Yoga is just the ticket to feed the brain with a real boost.  Wake me up before you go go time.  Turn on your brain with some Laughter Yoga (for at least 10 minutes) in the morning or any time when you need it.  On your own it can be harder to do than in a group by the way! (that’s where Serious Laughter can help).

All that fresh oxygen and along with those laughter exercises allow your brain to become creative too.  You’ll feel rejuvenated and motivated.

Does laughing intentionally sound a bit strange?

Think about it.  If you were to go for a run all that fresh oxygen goes into your brain and body.  Enabling your brain to work better.

Let’s just call it hydration for your brain.

Running isn’t accessible to everyone and sometimes we can’t fit it into our day, every day.

Hearty laughter and Laughter Yoga is there for us all – learning to do it daily and for it becoming a habit is definitely a great way to hydrate and energise your creative brain (another blog on that to come later!).

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