As you’ll probably be very aware, Blue Monday was devised by a UK travel company to sell more holidays.
Of course holidays are really beneficial to us when we have low mood!
However there’s real evidence that after Christmas, with little to look forward to we do naturally become low as there are still long dark nights and colder weather,
S.A.D. kicks even more with less sunlight.
It’s especially important at this time of year to gather together a list of your self-care tools.  Then reach out for this when your positive energy takes a downward turn and find the appropriate tool you can use.
Here’s some examples you may wish to pop on your list:
Kick-starting your day with some intentional laughter, singing along with ho’s, ha’s and he’s in the morning instead of normal lyrics is a great way to start your day the laughter way, boosting endorphins and serotonin levels to increase your positivity levels.
Wearing bright colours lifts your spirits.  For me I look at the weather outside and if it’s dull I make a real effort to wear the brightest colours possible to feel uplifted.
Quite often receive some nice comments – so it’s doubly worth the effort?
I often add songs to a motivational playlist – and play this in the mornings or when feeling flat.  Singing boosts endorphins just like laughter.
So, on Blue Monday, or when you have the Monday Blues – reach out for your self-care tool list.  Let me know which tool you use the most.
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