World Puppetry Day takes place on 21st March every year.

Puppets have been featured in my life since I was probably about 8 years old. Do you remember Sooty and Sweep? Rod Hull and Emu? Nookie Bear? Pelham puppets? (my older sister joined me with that craze!). Probably every gift opportunity I usually asked for was the latest puppet craze shown on TV! And when I reached what I thought was “too old” to be gifted one, I’d then buy one for a child, or my own children.

I find it incredible how hand-puppets are brought to life and how people interact with them. Puppets have a unique quality of being understood, bringing joy, and giving confidence to adults and children alike.

In 2019 my partner and I visited a small toy shop in Conwy intending to purchase a beach ball. Lo and behold we came out of the shop not with a beach ball, but 2 puppets – we had acquired twin girls! What fun we had that sunny afternoon in Conwy. The puppets brought people talking to us, laughing, and being playful, and a light bulb went off in my head. This was the second time that had happened since the discovery of Laughter Yoga. 

Since that day, I’ve started gradually acquiring more hand puppets and naming them. They took up a very comfy armchair in the lounge (and now in a large, cosy, dust-free cupboard). The number is 30 and still counting… 

The collection is called Positive Puppets. They are all making a huge positive difference in people’s lives through Birthday Greeting Videos for any age (or occasion), Puppet Parties, and Puppet-making Workshops, all with puppet stories sharing Laughter Yoga exercises and songs.

The collection, named the Positive Puppets, started making a huge positive difference in people’s lives through the pandemic with greeting videos for all ages and occasions.  They’ve made appearances at the Growing Old Disgracefully Conference in Blackpool, at shopping centres in Warrington and Manchester, and of course, at children’s parties where we have special tiny puppets.

Recently, Laughter and Puppet sessions have taken place in businesses and the LGBT Foundation community, where participants have enjoyed the feeling of escapism from the outside busy world and experienced pure joy and happiness by taking part in interactive puppetry exercises, shows and puppets singing.

Puppets make great team-building activities and creativity flow in these sessions through role-play.

Puppet-making Workshops have been added to the repertoire.  Yes, puppets are an incredible wellbeing, and creative tool to use for all ages.

Contact us if you would like the Positive Puppets to visit your establishment, to create an unforgettable experience.

To chat about Laughter and Puppet sessions please call Sara on 07974778091
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