As burnout is on the increase in the workplace, let’s look at 5 ways to prevent it, and help to
top up inner energy levels.

As you may be aware, burnout is a unique work-related stress.

This can be recognised as having:
– Severe lack of motivation and energy
– Increased irritability and pessimism about work, and with those people you interact with
– Little or no satisfaction from your achievements
– A change of sleeping habits
– Headaches or physical complaints including stomach and bowel problems
– Numbing feelings by using alcohol, food, or drugs in attempt to feel better

Many factors at work can cause burnout and it can help to talk these through at work or
with special services such as therapists, or counselling.
Self-care is also important and here are 5 ways to prevent burnout

1. Take time to relax
Do a relaxing activity to release stress – which will activate your relaxing
parasympathetic nervous system, which enables you to feel safe, rested, calm, and
helps your digestion. Activities such as Laughter Yoga, deep breathing (belly
breathing, alternate nostril breathing, breath focus,) meditation, Epsom Salts float
spa, non-sleep deep rest (Yoga Nidra), or traditional Yoga.  All these take us out of
the fight or flight mode and into a relaxing state in the body, melting stress.

2. Connect
Have social connection with positive, uplifting people, who you feel a listen to you.
This has been proven to create many feel good chemicals in our brain. Trying a new
activity or one you used to enjoy doing with your positive friends, such as Laughter
Yoga, will enable you to relax and feel wanted with the oxytocin.

3. Hug
Hug your loved ones or self-hug. This gives you oxytocin – the feeling of being loved,
cared for, and calm. Not a quick one, though, we are talking at least 10 seconds,
nourishing you with a strong bond and connection. A longer 20-second hug
significantly reduces stress and boosts your immune system.

4. Get enough sleep
It may seem obvious: sleep is how our bodies restore themselves. We have better
concentration, fewer accidents (think about how many car accidents happen with
tired drivers), memory problems, mood swings, weight gain, and poor balance. It is
also enabling all vitamins to be absorbed within the body, and how our brains fully
absorb information. Lack of sleep over a long period can affect our physical fitness
and immunity, it can even limit life expectancy.

5. Eat well and exercise

Having healthy snacks and easy to prepare meals means your body isn’t spending all
its’ time and energy trying to process high sugars and carbohydrates. Take in some
Vitamin D and multi-vitamins to boost you, especially if you’ve been neglecting the
healthy food nutrients.

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