Motivated to get back to your work routine? Or lacking motivation? Perhaps you’re feeling
distracted? “Not yet I’m busy doing something else…” It’s hard to get back into routines after
schools go back – we’re often more on a go-slow and need to wind it up.

That summer holiday was hot, fun, frantic and simply amazing. But now you’re tired,
unmotivated, and got to juggle a million jobs around working.  Hitting the ground running.
Getting organised is one thing.
Getting motivated is another.

I’ve lost count of the number of times people say: I’ve not got the motivation or the time
You may be tired instead of unmotivated and in this case, it’s a good idea to do some
relaxation techniques, such as non-sleep deep rest (see our YouTube channel for Yoga
Nidra), or have a 20-minute powernap in a dark room or with an eye cover on.
Here are 5 motivation tips I recommend doing when you’ve no oomph and energy levels
have slumped.

1. Put on some lively music
Listening and moving to music you love raises endorphins in your body
which starts to bring more energy and motivation to do tasks.

2. Singalong – not with the words but with ho ha and he sounds – these are the sounds
we use in Laughter Yoga. Singing with laughter starts to active the diaphragm and
boosts those positive chemicals which motivate you.

3. Breathe in deeply, hold and stretch your arms up, and then with tight fist hands pull
down saying a motivational word/s, such as “I can do this”, or simply “Yes”
Affirmations are powerful – and the movement of clenched fists moving is one of
strength and purpose.

4. Call on a friend for some accountability, set a time to get the task done, and nudge
half-way through. The key to regaining your motivation is giving a timeframe to
achieve tasks, making real goals, writing them in your diary at a certain time, and
giving some urgency.

5. Plan your reward – an achievement award – a hot drink, a walk. You could also do a
fun drawing or stickers chart inside your diary. Incentives are always good – and
you’ll get a big dopamine release when you’ve achieved your task.

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