With the number of adults reaching out for mental health support and wellbeing increasing rapidly, it’s good to know that Laughter Yoga supports mental health – and there is no need to be happy to participate in a session.

Here’s 5 ways that Laughter Yoga helps the mental health of employees.


Makes them feel happier

It creates positive chemicals inside the brain even when you are not happy. Incredibly our brains do not know the difference between intentional laughter exercises and genuine laughter so we can easily and quickly trick our brains into releasing those positive chemicals within about 3 minutes.


As there is a mental health crisis currently, knowing how to use Laughter Yoga as a wellbeing tool is vitally important. These exercises can be used during the workday to boost positivity levels and help calm anxiety.

The best time to practice Laughter Yoga is at the start of the working day.


Makes them feel healthier

Laughter Yoga is cardiovascular heart exercise and as such we are working out heart muscle, along with lung exercise, abdominal exercise. Our blood vessels open. As many of the exercises can be done sitting down, participate online, in person, and Laughter Yoga is very accessible to anyone with mobility issues.


Makes them have more energy

No longer will there be morning or mid-afternoon energy slumps. Laughter Yoga energises us – the cardio exercise works wonders. Pumping blood around faster, opening the arteries and blood vessels creates more oxygen and energy in your body – but the extra oxygen also energises and refreshes parts “Heineken cannot reach”, namely your brain – to enable new ideas to flow. Energy for the body.  Energy for the brain too.


Makes them feel motivated

Dopamine, a positive chemical, is released through Laughter exercises. Employees become more energetic, motivated and productive. They improve their mental health through Laughter Yoga.  Companies benefit from having happier employees who work more and with purpose. An interesting note is that low dopamine levels are associated with Parkinson disease.


Makes them feel connected

When we laugh, we connect on a very deep level, we create meaningful relationships. Our souls connect through the laughter. This nurtures relationships and creates emotional intelligence to learn about how people feel. We treasure the memories and moments of laughter shared with work colleagues, friends, and family members, and recall experiences for years afterwards. I have heard 189 examples of this since 2016. When I’ve asked people whether they have attended a Laughter Yoga session before – 189 people have recalled how they remember it, and how they have benefitted from attending.


Laughter breaks down barriers, such as the barriers of hierarchy. It creates confidence:  we feel more connected and speak up with new creative ideas. We are, after all, sociable pack animals who love to be around one another, bounce ideas around and succeed. Laughter Yoga enables all that,


Laughter Yoga stimulates happiness, health, energy, motivation and connection.

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